Saturday, May 26, 2001

The Spring 2001 semester is finally over! I only had one final yesterday (my Philosophy class)...even though it was at 8 in the morning. Ugh. Actually, it wasn't really a final...I had a take-home assignment in which I had to write two essays about what I learned over the course of the semester in this class. Once again, I B.S.ed...but at least I'm finally done!! Unfortunately, I thought we just had to go to the classroom to turn our essays in. Turns out we had to be in class from 8 to 10 A.M. Two hours of more philosophical nonsense. Ugh once again!!

After I left school, I went to the AMC theater near my house to watch the WWII epic Pearl Harbor. So what did I think of it? Much like the 1997 film its formula is based on--Titanic--Pearl Harbor didn't really get that exciting until the historical events began to kick in. Not only that, but the love story kinda hurt the film because it felt contrived. Director Michael Bay said the WWII flick was mold in the same fashion as James Cameron's Oscar-winning film: a love story based against a historical backdrop. As I said before, this was not a good thing because the audience (at least those who go on movie websites and read movie magazines) knows that Bay is trying to create a romance epic. Some things about the love story seemed artificial, as a result (even though it obviously was, but you know what I mean)...

Pearl Harbor should've been more like a 'brotherhood' flick (like Stand By Me or maybe Saving Private Ryan)...since Ben Affleck and Josh Harnett's characters seemed like actual genuine friends as opposed to the forced romantic relationship with Kate Beckinsale's character. A'ight, I'm done ranting about the film. Other than the remarks made above, Pearl Harbor was pretty good.

Later in the evening (also yesterday), I went to one of my friends' house to watch the Lakers rout the San Antonio Spurs, 111-72, in Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals. Just one more win at STAPLES Center on Sunday, and this series is HISTORY. NBA FINALS, here we come!! Or at least, here the Lakers come... Haha.

Me and my friends went to a billiards place to shoot some pool after the game. I won most of the games (mostly on my friends' mistakes, but also cuz I'm dope like that)

Monday, May 7, 2001

This past weekend, I went to the theater twice to see the new film, The Mummy Returns. Considering the fact I saw it two times (both occasions with my friends), you can tell I thought the movie was pretty good. That warrior-guy with the tattoo on his face (the one who helped Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz find their son) was pretty cool...and those little pygmy-dudes with the blowguns were hilarious (and sometimes scary, haha). Rachel Weisz isn't so bad looking either.

However, ILM could've done a better job on the CGI version of the Scorpion Rock--er, King.

Anyways, the next film that I want to see is Pearl Harbor. It comes out May 25, the last day of school for me.