Monday, October 29, 2001

Attack of the Clones

Just wanted to point out that the official SW site today announced that a short teaser trailer for Episode 2 will be shown before Monsters, Inc. starting this Friday. The trailer was actually talked about on a fan site two weeks ago...with the teaser involving clips of Attack of the Clones being shown as Darth Vader's famous breathing can be heard in the background. Sounds pretty cool, but things get even cooler when Harry Potter comes out in a few weeks...since the full-length teaser trailer is rumored to appear before that film.

I haven't read any of the Harry Potter novels, but most likely I'll see the film...and you know why.

Monday, October 22, 2001

Last Friday, I watched The Debut at the local AMC theater. It is the first Filipino-American film to be released commercially! Before the film started, one of the movie's producers stood before the audience to tell us about the making of the film as well as how important it was in terms of representing Pinoys and Pinays in the American film market (my words, not his). He also stated that they needed as many people as possible to watch the film or else AMC was gonna pull the movie out by this Thursday! So I say to you, my Asian and non-Asian friends: go to the theater right away and watch The Debut!!! Sure, it's only playing at 8 theaters right now (I think all of them in Cali) drive to the closest one if you can!!! All right then, that's my contribution to Filipino cinema...

Of course, if The Debut's filmmakers really want to attract moviegoers...try to meet George Lucas in person and persuade him to show the Episode 2 trailer on that film only on the release date (YEA, like that's gonna happen). Speaking of which, I bought the Episode 1 DVD last Tuesday. Now all I need is a DVD player to watch it with.