Monday, September 24, 2001

WOOHOO! Yesterday I went to Fry's Electronics in Anaheim to buy a new computer...which replaces the obsolete 2 GB one that broke down 2 months ago. The new comp is an eMachine...with a 1.0 GHz Pentium III processor, 128 mb of RAM, a CD BURNER (hellz yea...although it's 8x and not 16x), a 10/100 mb Ethernet card and 30 GB of hard drive space. Yuuupp...I'm living the good life now, haha! The only bad thing is I currently need to use the free 700 hr trial of AOL to log online, since Earthlink is down cuz their servers were infected by a virus. In the coming days I need to install Quicktime, as well as the movie trailers that are still on the broken computer...including the Gladiator trailer and both trailers for The Phantom Menace. In the next few weeks, my computer will be graced with the preview to Episode II. Woohoo!

PS: For those of you who think I'm rich and spoiled...DAMN RIGHT I AM!!! HAHAHAHAHA! Just kidding.