Tuesday, June 19, 2001

Yesterday, I went to the Laker's victory parade in Los Angeles. I also went last year after they vanquished the Indiana Pacers...but this time I left early because the friends who I went with were getting tired standing up and grew a little impatient after the parade was delayed 30 minutes. So which player did I see as the buses passed by the street we were standing on? Only Shaq, Magic Johnson and Devean George. I could've taken good pictures when they passed by hadn't the bystanders in front of me predictably raise their arms up in (mindless) excitement after the entourage reached our part of the parade route. Oh well. There's always next year's parade to make up for not being able to catch a glimpse of most of the Back 2 Back champions.

After we left downtown L.A., we went back home to watch Swordfish and Tomb Raider. We saw these films for free 'cause one of my friends works at the local AMC theater and hooked us up with free guest passes. Swordfish was good (especially the money shot featuring Halle Berry ) but Tomb Raider BLEW...with the exception of Angelina Jolie's showering scene. I fell asleep during that film...which may be the result of me being exhausted from the parade or from the plain fact that film was uninteresting. The last time I almost fell asleep in a film was in 1998 when I watched The Thin Red Line. Saving Private Ryan was way better than that flick.