Wednesday, June 15, 2005


MR. & MRS. SMITH: I saw the film last Friday...and while it started off pretty slow, the film was still enjoyable. Though I obviously won't see it again till it comes out on DVD, haha. Other than Angelina Jolie, other reasons why I wanted to see the movie was because the climactic gunfight at the end was shot at an old IKEA store (now demolished) in the City of Industry, and it's the only film test-screened by the company I work for, The Screening Exchange, that I paid to see at a theater. Speaking of screenings, I watched the Vince Vaughn/Owen Wilson comedy Wedding Crashers in a press screening we conducted at Hollywood's Mann's Chinese Theater on Saturday. The movie is a crack-up!! Vince Vaughn, along with Will Ferrell (who makes a cameo in the film), are hilarious! That is all.

The old IKEA store in the City of Industry...redone as Kostmart for the film Mr. and Mrs. Smith.