Sunday, August 5, 2001

I saw Rush Hour 2 last Friday and needless to say, it was funny! One of the best quotes from the film (not to imply some racial stuff or anything): Jackie Chan's "I'll b*tchslap you back to Africa" line. Hahaha! That counteracts Chris Tucker's earlier "I'll slap you back to the Ming Dynasty" remark. Hopefully there'll be a Rush Hour 3. Anyways, an import model was an extra in the film...Ms. Natasha Yi. She's hot! It's a good thing I took a picture with her at an Asian model show last November. All I need is an autograph by her and I'd be famous. Zhang Ziyi isn't so bad either (at least in this film), and neither is Rosalyn Sanchez, who played some U.S. Secret Service babe in the film.

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