Friday, August 24, 2001

Today I saw the Kevin Smith film Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back. Chasing Amy was better...but this film was still hilarious! Jay is a cool character...for the sole fact he cusses in every other sentence that he blurts out! Silent Bob is hilarious for the sole fact he is always, well, quiet--and Jay always makes fun of him in front of other people. It was cool that Kevin Smith included so many cameos in this film...although it kinda annoyed me that some of my friends who I watched the film with don't know who Mark Hamill is. LUKE SKYWALKER, people!! And Carrie Fisher a.k.a. Princess Leia was the nun who Jay was gonna get all crazy on in the car! Speaking of which, you can obviously tell Smith is a diehard Star Wars fan with all the references he made in the movie...the title obviously included.

Anyways, I'm done with watching all of the films of Summer 2001. Can't wait for next year when Spider-Man and Attack of the Clones come out. Woo-hoo!

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