Friday, November 23, 2001

Well, I'm like a week late with this...but I saw Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on opening day. Did I like it? Well, let's just say I'm not giving it as much credit as it deserves since freakin' AMC theater (where I watched it), didn't show the full-length teaser trailer to Episode 2 before it (which it was suppose to, according to the Official Site). Obviously, AMC (as well as Edwards Cinema) did not want Star Wars fans to buy tickets (yes, SW fans are that obsessive) just to see the trailer...and prevent regular moviegoers from actually watching Harry Potter. Oh well. I downloaded the trailer to my computer the night before Potter came out--but it sure wouldn't have hurt to see it on the big screen. Anyways, I'm NOT about to watch the Jet Li wannabe-Matrix film, The One (which AMC put the Episode 2 trailer in front of), just to catch the preview. I'll just stick to watching the trailer over-and-over on my comp, thankyouverymuch.

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