Friday, January 18, 2002

A little less than 15 minutes ago I came back from watching the film Black Hawk Down. Did I like it? Needless to say, if you like Saving Private'll like this film. People getting their limbs blown off and stuff...that's so cool. JUST KIDDING!! No seriously, Black Hawk Down was pretty intense--and had some humorous parts here and there. An EXAMPLE: When Tom Sizemore's character casually walks around in the middle of a fierce gun battle (after he arrives with reinforcement) shaking the hands of Delta Force and Army Rangers trying to blast away Somali militiamen who are shooting back at them. This guy gots balls, that's for sure. And the fact only 19 U.S. soldiers died as opposed to 1,000 Somali rebels after the battle was over?...that's crraaaazzzy. Of course, after watching this film, a person (an American, in particular) gets convinced that Somalia should be the next country to attack after the war in Afghanistan comes to an end. Damn Somalis...KILL THEM ALL! Just kidding again.

Black Hawk Down

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