Friday, July 30, 2004

"You obviously do not know who you are f**king with!" - Blade (Blade II)

It doesn't come out till this December, but I can't wait to see Blade III, otherwise known as Blade: Trinity. The first Blade was cool (especially the opening rave scene sequence)...but Blade II was awesome! Those "Reaper" vampires, like Jared Nomak (below), are pretty freaky! And Leonor Varela, who plays Nyssa (the female vampire who has a thing going for Blade) isn't so bad either. Anyways, I'm not planning to watch Blade: Trinity just because Jessica Biel is in it (although she's a plus, haha...or um, is she?), who plays Whistler's daughter Abigail, but also because I want to see how the story ends...and see Wesley Snipes kick more bloodsucking ass! Yep, can't wait.

Blade: Trinity
Photos courtesy of New Line Cinema

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