Wednesday, January 26, 2005

77th Annual Academy Awards nominations: Congratulations on Jamie Foxx for being nominated as Best Actor in Ray and Best Supporting Actor in Collateral, and Natalie Portman for being nominated as Best Supporting Actress in Closer. I'd say something about The Aviator and its 11 nominations (um, do you think it'll win Best Picture??), but I haven't seen the film yet, haha. Do you think Jim Carrey is envious of Foxx? I knew once I saw the preview for Ray at the theater that Foxx would beat Carrey in being the first In Living Color actor to at least be nominated for an Oscar. And Collateral was an awesome movie. I still have the urge to be a hitman. Just kidding! No, I'm not. I haven't seen Closer yet, but let's hope that whatever awesome performance Natalie Portman gave in that film will replay itself in a certain science fantasy movie this May...

Natalie Portman in Closer and Jamie Foxx in Collateral.

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