Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Jessica Alba as Nancy in SIN CITY.

SIN CITY: I just saw the trailer for the upcoming film today, and needless to say, Sin City looks awesome! Sure, I've never read the Frank Miller graphic novel of the same name, but that's okay. The movie's awsome look is enough to get me to watch it. Well... That, and Jessica Alba, Jamie King, Brittany Murphy, Rosario Dawson and all the other hot chicks in it. Speaking of which, this movie features an all-star cast, with all the hot actresses mentioned above as well as Bruce Willis, Benicio Del Tero, Elijah Wood, and Josh Hartnett—among others. The movie has a way better visual style than Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, but I enjoyed that film as well. If you want to see Sin City's trailer (though it is a small version), click here. Can't wait till the movie comes out this April!

SIN CITY trailer screenshots.

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