Monday, March 5, 2007

Christina Ricci in 'Black Snake Moan'.

BLACK SNAKE MOAN... I saw the film last Friday, and it was actually pretty good. Especially if you're a Christina Ricci fan, haha. Kinda interesting how Justin Timberlake went from being a member of a defunct boy band group to becoming a respectable actor (while Britney went from a pop sensation who made irritating songs to a mom trying to impersonate Sinéad O'Connor). And was it intentional that Samuel L. Jackson did a second film in less than one year with the word "Snake" in the title? Maybe not. And you're not watching a real Sam Jackson movie if he doesn't say "motherf--ker" at least once in the film (unless it was a Star Wars prequel). Black Snake Moan continues the tradition. This Friday, prepare for glory! The movie 300 comes out that day.


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