Tuesday, November 20, 2007

HITMAN poster.

HITMAN... Tomorrow, the FOX film starring Timothy Olyphant (who played the main villain in Live Free or Die Hard) will be released in theaters. Looks pretty interesting...otherwise, I wouldn’t have typed a Blog on it, haha. Though I have one question: Was the barcode-tattoo-behind-the-head idea originally from the video game Hitman is based on, or was it taken from the long-defunct TV show Dark Angel? Or did the video game itself rip the idea off of Dark Angel? Or did Dark Angel rip the idea off of- Nevermind. All I can say is, I’ll actually be disappointed if they don’t play that "Ave Maria" song in the film. I think that’s what gives Hitman its charm...in the trailers and TV spots, that is.

TOP PIC: Olga Kurylenko and Timothy Olyphant in HITMAN.  BOTTOM PIC: Do you think Agent 47 ever gets the urge to get that barcode scanned at the local Albertsons market?  Probably not.

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