Friday, December 7, 2007


ARCEE... I’m pretty sure there are a lot of other fanboys (and fangirls?) out there picturing this scene in the movie, but what would be cooler and hotter than seeing Megan Fox ride a motorcycle through the thick of battle in Transformers 2? Not only a motorcyle...but one that transforms into an Autobot that’s just as agile in, um, robot mode as it is vehicle mode? Not only an Autobot...but a female Autobot? Yep, that would be awesome. I’m actually referring to Arcee, who was suppose to appear in this year’s Transformers but was dropped from the script due to a lack of screentime that would explain why there’s a chick who’s a member of the robotic race. Arcee was replaced by Ironhide for the film, and a motorcyle was still the scene where (in case you forgot already) Josh Duhamel’s Captain Lennox rides an Aprilia RSV1000R down the street while taking on Blackout.

Art concepts of Arcee in robot and vehicle mode.

Hopefully Arcee will be in the sequel, and knowing Michael Bay and his inclination to feature hot chicks and hot chick moments in his movies, the Megan-Fox-as-a-sexy-motorcyclist idea isn’t so farfetched. Just get the WGA strike over with so the screenwriters can finish the script ASAP (but still make sure it's a kick-ass screenplay) and Ms. Fox (I dread the day I have to call her Mrs. Green. Do research on Google if you don’t know what I’m talking about) begins motorcyle driving lessons. Have her practice enough that she doesn’t have to wear a helmet during filming...since covering up her sexy face and hair with plastic and fiberglass kinda defeats the purpose of having Megan ride a motorcyle in the first place (To hell with her going slow during filming and then altering the appearance of her driving speed in postproduction... I wanna see Megan GO FAST!! Haha). Hey, Carrie-Anne Moss did it The Matrix Reloaded. I think. Haven’t seen that bloated mess of a film in a long time.

More art concepts of Arcee.

FYI, I wasn’t the one who altered this Foxy pic below. Though I’m pretty sure Sam Witwicky would be even more aroused if Mikaela showed up on that purple cycle as Sam was getting chased through that parking lot by Barricade. Hell, maybe even Barricade would’ve been distracted by Arcee’s presence. Do Transformers mate? Just kidding.

Best Film Scene of 2009: Megan Fox going 90 MPH on a transforming motorcycle.

All images courtesy of Dreamworks / Paramount

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