Saturday, August 23, 2008


EVEN THOUGH SAG once again rejected a new contract offer by the major movie studios, production continues to go on for the Transformers sequel. First Unit shooting supposedly went on a 4-week hiatus to allow Shia LaBeouf to recover from the hand injury he got from last month’s car accident, but now LaBeouf is back on set...earlier than expected. Apparently, the action in Transformers 2 will be a lot more ferocious than in the first movie...judging from how bloodied and burnt LaBeouf looks in the photo below (don’t drool, ladies). Either that, or he went against Michael Bay’s orders and decided to drive his new motorcycle to the film set after all—and got in yet another crash. Haha.

Sam Witwicky- Bloodied and burnt.

Here’s a candid photo of Megan Fox on the set of TF2. Do you think Katy Perry’s heart is beating (even more) rapidly after she saw this pic?

I could adjust those for you, Megan.

Below are pics of the Corvette Centennial and an ice cream truck...which both happen to be the vehicle modes for two (or should I say three? Rumors go that the ice cream truck is made up of twin robots) new Autobots that will make a debut in Revenge of the Fallen.

The Corvette Centennial and an ice cream truck in REVENGE OF THE FALLEN.

And, of course, here’s Sam and Mikaela together. Didn’t think Mikaela is the kind of girl to be entertained by sock puppets.

Shia and Megan share a moment.

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