Sunday, October 19, 2008

'W.' movie poster.

W... I watched the film after work yesterday, and Josh Brolin did a nice job portraying the Dubya. The one thing I noticed that they left out of the movie was Saddam Hussein being captured from that Tikrit "spider hole" in December of 2003, but there’s only so much you can put in a 2-hour flick. But seeing as how a major plot point in W. was the Dubya trying to make up for what his "poppy" (or papi), George H. Dubya, failed to do in 1991 (going all the way to Baghdad and handling Hussein himself), the inclusion of Saddam’s capture would’ve made the film feel more complete. To me, at least. By the way, Laura Bush must feel really flattered right now for having a babe like Elizabeth Banks portray her in the movie. Though where’s Jenna Bush?? (The Hills' Lauren Conrad could’ve played her, haha.)

A young George W. Bush (Josh Brolin) flirts with his future wife Laura (Elizabeth Banks) in 'W.'

One last thing... I’ll have to look online to see if Morocco REALLY did offer to send monkeys to Iraq in 2003 to locate and set off minefields. Those crazy North Africans.

EDIT: Yep. Morocco is said to have offered 2,000 primates to be sent to Iraq. Here's one article talking about it. Of course, this website doesn't look like it could be taken seriously. Just type "morocco monkeys iraq" on Google to find more info about this. Leave the poor monkeys alone! Haha.

Josh Brolin as the Dubya.

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