Wednesday, April 15, 2009

147 MINUTES... That’s how long Revenge of the Fallen is gonna be, according to director Michael Bay. Personally, I think that that’s a good thing. If people are gonna dish out 10 - 11 dollars for tickets, then they’ll be for a movie that’s at least 2-hours long (of course, here’s hoping it’s not bloated like any of The Matrix or Pirates of the Caribbean sequels)...compared to spending 10 bones on a flick that’s not even 90-minutes long (Cloverfield being an example...with an 85-minute runtime). I think it’s better to be spending money on something that may be too much of a good thing, rather than a film that’s not even long enough to be worth devoting your evening to (yes, I'm well aware of that little thing called 'having a good story'). That’s all.

Devastator on the attack.
Paramount Pictures / Dreamworks

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