Tuesday, May 19, 2009

An awesome shot that shows why Darth Maul dying in THE PHANTOM MENACE was a travesty.

HAPPY 10th ANNIVERSARY, EPISODE ONE!!! In case you’re wondering why I’m honoring the 10-year release of what many call the worst film in the Star Wars saga, it’s just to validate the number of hours I spent online (in the computer lab at Cal State Long Beach... I was a freshman back in the Spring of 1999... Just thought I'd share such useful info with y'all...) reading up on spoilers for The Phantom Menace between September of 1998 [when the title was (infamously?) revealed to the public] and the movie’s release 10 years ago today. Of course, I didn’t really have to say anything about this at all...seeing as how I didn’t have this Blog back in ’99, and wouldn’t be in the position to make an ass out of myself if I posted so much coverage about the movie (just like what I’m doing with Transformers 2 right now) and later found out it was a stinker. Oh well. At least this journal entry gave me an excuse to post a random Darth Maul image here. Sith rule!

Naboo starfighters are cool too. Even when they explode.

Naboo starfighters look dope.  Though it looks like they could use better shielding.

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