Saturday, September 5, 2009

Robert Downey Jr. returns as Tony Stark and Iron Man in...IRON MAN 2.

IRON MAN 2... Yes I know, these pics are soooo three months ago. Or somewhere around that time. Just thought I’d share them now. Robert Downey Jr. rocks as Iron Man. Mickey Rourke looks like he’ll kick ass as Whiplash...

Mickey Rourke sets aside his wrestler outfit to play Whiplash in IRON MAN 2.

...and Scarlett Johansson will be awesome wife. I wish. Damn you, Ryan Reynolds. Seriously though, Johansson looks pretty cool as the Black Widow. Saying that she looks sexy too is a given. Might as well point out that she has red hair in these pics. Hah. Iron Man 2 comes out in theaters (here in the U.S.) on May 7, 2010.

Scarlett Johansson gets all leathery and redheaded as the Black Widow in IRON MAN 2.

Images courtesy of Marvel Characters, Inc. / Paramount

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