Sunday, October 4, 2009

ZOMBIELAND theatrical movie poster.

LAST NIGHT, a couple of friends and I saw the horror/comedy flick Zombieland, and it was friggin’ awesome! Woody Harrelson kicks ass...and Emma Stone is hot. Jesse Eisenberg was hilarious, though let’s hope that he doesn’t get typecast in films whose titles end in ‘land’. (His previous film was Adventureland.) The best part of the movie was a scene inside a mansion—where a certain big-name actor/actress makes a totally gut-busting cameo! I’ll give you a hint about who this actor/actress is: This person somewhat regretted being in the Garfield live-action films a few years back. Then again... I think that was too big of a hint. Oh well. Now it’s time to NUT UP OR SHUT UP!

PS: Happy Birthday to me! I turn 30 today.


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