Friday, June 1, 2012

Alien attackers strike a military airbase in INDEPENDENCE DAY.

Independence Day (in 3-D)... For those of you who enjoyed the hit sci-fi film like I did (even though the movie had lots of hokey moments in it), Independence Day is being re-released in theaters next year. However, audiences will get to watch the movie in 3rd dimension this time around...which should be pretty awesome. ID4 is the type of flick that was made for 3-D, what with memorable FX shots like the White House blowing up, Vivica Fox's dog leaping into that maintenance room inside the tunnel just as it is about to be engulfed in that alien-induced fireball (even though this is one of those hokey moments I was talking about), and pretty much every shot during the two aerial dogfights—plus that climactic chase scene aboard the Alien Mothership in space—that take place in the film. ID4, which was the highest grossing flick of 1996 (making $306.2 million domestically), won the Oscar for Best Visual Effects in the 1997 Academy Awards; here's hoping FOX will do the award justice with a flawless 3-D conversion of the movie.

Independence Day returns to theaters nationwide on July 3, 2013.

An alien destroyer emerges over New York City in INDEPENDENCE DAY.

An alien destroyer destroys the White House in INDEPENDENCE DAY.

New York City lies in ruins after the alien destroyer completes its attack in INDEPENDENCE DAY.

Man-made missiles explode harmlessly against a destroyer's force field during a counterattack in INDEPENDENCE DAY.

An evil alien being in INDEPENDENCE DAY.

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