Thursday, June 13, 2013

Two homicidal individuals attempt to take advantage of an annual twelve-hour period known in the U.S. as THE PURGE.

The Purge... I saw the horror thriller a few days ago, and have three observations: 1.) Leave it to the weird and annoying kid in the family to put everyone in harm's way by doing a noble but extremely stupid deed... 2.) What makes Mary Sandin (Lena Headey's character) think that her jealous and psychotic neighbors won't try to finish the job during the next annual purge? Within those next 364 days (or 365, if it was a leap year), I'd get the hell out of Dodge if I was in her shoes. Or Zoey's... Poor young (hot) girl. And 3.) All but one of those neighbors survive to (presumably) plot another murderous scheme against the Sandin family. The lone person to get eliminated is a token Asian dude—who has no dialogue in the movie.

Thanks to her annoying little brother, Zoey Sandin (Adelaide Kane) almost falls victim to THE PURGE.

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