Thursday, November 19, 2020

Video of the Day: My Short Film THE CARD...

The poster for my short film THE CARD...which was officially released online (for streaming via Vimeo and YouTube) on November 19, 2020.

Good evening, everyone! Just thought I'd share a short film that I shot 18 years ago and which I recently updated using a new MacBook computer that I received as a birthday gift last month. Titled The Card, this project was shot using a Super 8mm camera—with the entire audio track (plus the dialogue by my three actors, who were close friends from high school that were nice enough to help me on this film) recorded in postproduction.

To read more details about The Card, go to my main Blog for additional info. Not only can you view it on YouTube below, but you can watch the film on Vimeo as well. Lookin' forward to creating another video project using my MacBook in the future! That is all.

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