Monday, November 5, 2001

Mike Wazowski and James Sullivan go about their job of scaring little children in MONSTERS, INC.

On Friday, I watched Monsters, Inc...and needless to say, I liked it. Along with the short Pixar film that preceded it.

But what I really wanted to say was that the teaser trailer for Attack of the Clones kicked ass--despite the fact it was hella short. Not surprisingly, though, people clapped before and after the trailer was shown, and were quiet during the preview as new Star Wars movie images passed by (QUICKLY) on the big screen. So which scenes from the trailer stood out the most? Let's see...

- Natalie Portman looking GOOD as Padme in the first scene of the preview

- Several clone children going about their business inside a classroom

- Jango Fett's Slave One blasting away at an unseen target while flying through an asteroid field (actually the rings surrounding a new SW planet called Geonosis)

- Obi-Wan floating above a ray of light inside a cave (he's captured by enemy forces on Geonosis)

- THOUSANDS of clonetroopers boarding a transport ship (most likely the final scene in the film)

- A glimpse of the water world Kamino

- The glimpse of Yoda...who is COMPUTER GENERATED in this film

and last, but not least:

- Jango Fett flying in the air in a scene that takes place on Kamino

This trailer was tight...but the real one doesn't come out till 2 weeks from now, when Harry Potter is released.

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