Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Okay, so I watched The Ring DVD for the first time on Monday, and a stupid credit card company had to call right when I was watching the movie. The person hung up when I answered the phone, and being tripped out by the film as I was, I looked to see who called by checking the caller ID. If you've seen the movie, you'd know that getting a phone call while viewing that VHS video is a very bad thing. Haha. Damn you, Discover Card! Now I'm paranoid. For 7 days. Just kidding...that was retarded. Pieces of crap like The Boogeyman have nothing on this film, though I heard the original Japanese version Ringu is a tad bit better. By the way, I have no idea (other than the most obvious reasons) why I posted up that shot of the girl Samara below. She freaks me out. Naomi Watts is hot. Reminds me of Kim Basinger, who I had a crush on 16 years ago...when the first Tim Burton Batman film came out in 1989, hahaha.

The Ring.

UPDATE: I found this humorous post on an IMDb message board. It's in a thread titled: "Samara only has a limited window of opportunity to kill..."

playinfb4ku said:

"We all know VHS will be obsolete by 2022 or so. If she can't make the switch over to DVD she is screwed!!!! Maybe that's what the ring is....her light at the end of the tunnel is crossing over to DVD..."

Medium1-toppingpizza replied:

"She'll trick some poor dumb idiot into burning it on a disc."

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