Sunday, March 5, 2006

Thandie Newton and Matt Dillon in 'Crash'.

The 78th ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS... Revenge of the Sith losing the Best Make-up category to (Chronic)les of Narnia was expected, Crash beating out Brokeback Mountain to win the ultimate trophy was not. However, Crash winning the Best Picture Oscar was not a surprise, considering it is an exceptional film. Also, unlike Brokeback, I actually watched the Paul Haggis film. On DVD, that is... Haha. On the television side of things, Prison Break returns to FOX on Monday, March 20th at 8:00 PM PST. Does that mean it airs right before 24?? Holy cow!! Now I know my Monday nights are definitely off-limits to doing other things! Mike Scofield rules!

Group photo of the 'Prison Break' main actors.

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