Friday, March 10, 2006

SPIDER-MAN 3... Just so you know, these aren't black & white images of the web-slinger. Spidey will indeed be dressed in black for the Must-See Movie of 2007. Now which version below is an accurate depiction of the costume? Hmmm...

'Spider-Man 3'. A different version of the image on the left...with Venom's design scheme on the costume.
The image on the left is courtesy of the official Spider-Man website

UPDATE (March 10): Spider-Man 3 has begun filming today in the New York Street backlot at Paramount Studios in Hollywood. I'm not gonna divulge anything, since I didn't see what was going on (I was too busy driving around the lot during work...and I like having that thing called a job, haha), except to say I saw Director Sam Raimi in person when I visited the set after the shoot was wrapped for the day. That was cool.

UPDATE #2 (March 17): Since I obviously wasn't the one who took these pics, I guess it's safe to post up these photos (err, hopefully)...especially considering the production crew was still preparing the set at the time these images were shot (New York Street looked really awesome once it was completely dressed for filming). These photos are courtesy of

Paramount Studio's New York Street backlot being prepped for Spider-Man 3'.

Paramount Studio's New York Street backlot being prepped for Spider-Man 3'.

UPDATE #3 (March 23): Spider-Man 3 wrapped up filming at New York Street two days ago, but continued filming in Stage 18 (where the classic Sunset Boulevard and the soon-to-be released Mission: Impossible 3 were shot) up until yesterday. I saw Kirsten Dunst outside Stage 18. She was driving around in a small green golf cart. Oh, and Tommy Lee Jones was filming a commercial outside nearby Stage 9 and the Assembly Stage. That was cool.

UPDATE #4 (March 24): Hmm... Looks like they weren't done filming, after all. I visited New York Street after I caught a free screening of the Pierce Brosnan film, The Matador (funny movie) at Paramount Theater this evening, and a night scene was being shot. I obviously won't go into specifics here, but there was one actress from the previous film who I saw. Her name is Mageina Tovah, and she plays Ursula (the dorky daughter of Peter Parker's landlord Mr. Ditkovich), who handed Parker a slice of cake in Spider-Man 2. Or I think that was her, haha. Anyways, that's all. Below are two photos that I took of the Daily Bugle van and the New York cabs as they were parked near soundstages on the Gower side of the Paramount lot.

The Daily Bugle van.

The Daily Bugle van and New York taxi cabs parked next to Stages 23 and 24.

UPDATE #5 (March 25): For more photos that I took at Paramount Studios, click here. C'mon, that page needs hits!

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