Sunday, July 2, 2006

Alien attackers strike a military airbase in INDEPENDENCE DAY.

INDEPENDENCE DAY... Ten years ago today, the sci-fi mega-blockbuster made its debut in advance screenings around the USA. Independence Day (a.k.a. ID4) would turn out to be the highest grossing movie of 1996 (making $306.2 million domestically), win the Oscar for Best Visual Effects the following year and encourage filmmaker Roland Emmerich to make less-memorable disaster movies such as Godzilla and The Day After Tomorrow years later. ID4 was my favorite flick of ’96—despite the numerous ridiculous and/or inaccurate plot elements, such as the fact an extraterrestrial species is capable of destroying our planet’s largest cities with a single laser beam coming from 15-mile-wide hovering spaceships, only to fall victim to a virus that was able to be uploaded to the 500-mile-wide mothership’s computer within seconds...and the fact F/A-18 Hornets were depicted as having drag chutes. Hornets don’t have drag chutes. The SR-71 Blackbird and space shuttles use one, but the F/A-18 doesn’t. That, and B-2 Stealth Bombers aren’t armed with AMRAAM missile launchers as Will Smith said. Anyways... David Arnold's patriotic music score for ID4 is totally awesome. I listen to it on my MP3 player now and then.

Here are some memorable publicity photos and screenshots from the alien invasion hit.

An alien destroyer emerges over New York City in INDEPENDENCE DAY.

An alien destroyer hovers above New York City in INDEPENDENCE DAY.

New York City lies in ruins after the alien destroyer completes its attack in INDEPENDENCE DAY.

Man-made missiles explode harmlessly against a destroyer's force field during a counterattack in INDEPENDENCE DAY.

An evil alien being in INDEPENDENCE DAY.

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