Sunday, July 29, 2007

"I spent four years in film school for THIS?" The Simpsons Movie: Best. Movie. This Summer. Along with Transformers, haha. Though I have one minor gripe: The movie is a little tame. The animators could've gotten away with A LOT more and still retain the PG-13 rating. But whatever... If I wanted to watch a REALLY raunchy animated film, I'd pop in my DVD of South Park: The Movie. By the way, that line I quoted at the beginning of this entry is spoken by a squeaky-voiced theater manager who appears on-screen near the end of the film's credits. If you went to film school like I did, you'd feel that that line kinda hits the nail on the head. 'Cause the sentiment is true! That is all.

The Simpsons are betrayed by Spider-Pig.

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