Friday, September 21, 2007


TODAY... A MUCH BIGGER big-screen reincarnation of Transformers gets released in theaters, and so does Jessica "I’m-so-clumsy-I’m-FREAKIN’-HOT" Alba’s newest film Good Luck Chuck. Speaking of Ms. Alba, I could’ve friggin' met her at San Diego Comic-Con last July!! She showed up unexpectedly to promote Chuck. Son-of-a... French poodle. Ah, screw it—that was lame. BITCH. Anyways, where was I? Oh yea... You can’t accuse me of wasting cash on seeing Transformers in IMAX when I wasted so much money on seeing it multiple times at the regular cineplex throughout the summer. Hah! Can’t wait to see what those two extra minutes in the IMAX version consist of, haha. By the way, I was thinking about showing that poster where an ice cream cone is melting in one of Alba’s hands, but I decided to post this more modest pic instead. Very subtle, eh?

Jessica Alba struts her stuff in GOOD LUCK CHUCK.

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