Friday, November 9, 2007

Most of the vehicles that were used in TRANSFORMERS are shown above.  The MH-53 Pave Low chopper that was used for Blackout, the minesweeper that was used for Bonecrusher and the M1A1 Abrams tank that was the alternate mode for Brawl (mistakenly called Devastator in the movie) are not shown.  And, of course, the Cybertronian jet that played Megatron is also nowhere to be seen.  Maybe Lockheed Martin is secretly working on making it a real aircraft, haha.

THIS BLOG would’ve been a bit more relevant if it was posted back in July (when the movie came out), but oh well. I found these awesome images on this site, and thought it would be cool to post them here. What’s great about these pics is that they are PNG files...meaning there are no backgrounds in them, and I can superimpose the robots onto any other image. Thank God for Photoshop. Here’s hoping that Michael Bay’s official website, which originally provided these snapshots, will do the same thing for all the new 'bots that will be in Transformers 2. I’m sure he will. Anyways, enjoy.

The Mountain Dew Bot.

NOTE: Ratchet, Bonecrusher, Devastator/Brawl, Scorponok and Barricade aren't shown. Neither are the Mountain Dew Bot, the Nokia Bot, the X-Box Bot (or X Bot) nor that Escalade Bot whose steering wheel attacks that hot girl's face. Sorry.

Optimus Prime.








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