Thursday, June 26, 2008

A minion of Soundwave?

A NEW DECEPTICON... On Tuesday night, the Transformers Live Action Movie Blog posted this image of a puppet "attacking" Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox and Transformers 2 newcomer Ramon Rodriguez inside a car at New Jersey's Princeton University (where production had been filming since Monday). Who is the puppet of, I don’t know. Seeing as how Frenzy supposedly died in the first film, could this be one of Soundwave’s minions? Take your pick: Ravage, Rumble or Laserbeak? That puppet does have a beak, or something similar to it.

On his official message board, Director Michael Bay—now back home in Miami since filming for Revenge of the Fallen has begun hiatus in preparation for a potential Screen Actor's Guild labor strike starting next Monday, had this to say about the puppet today:

"What that picture is - that is not a complete Transformer. We use detailed puppets for effects for sizing and color - the real effects are later completed but the robots are much more complicated.

I will post soon to tell you all about the shoot.



Revenge is coming...

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