Sunday, June 29, 2008

WALL-E holds hands with a deactivated Eve.

WALL-E... I saw the film yesterday, and Pixar has done it again. Even though the title character isn’t the most original-looking (Short Circuit, anyone?), Pixar did an excellent job making him a character you can definitely root for. Not to sound sissy-ish or anything (I’ll watch the Angelina Jolie assassin flick, Wanted, some other day), but even as a dude I couldn’t help but feel for the ‘bot whenever he had that sad droopy look in his eyes. Okay, nevermind— That did sound sissy-ish. But it was interesting how WALL-E and Eve communicated with each other by only saying the other robot’s name. Whenever they said each other’s name, it meant something else [WALL-E: "Eeeve!" (Translation: "I miss you and want you to be with me.") Eve: "WALL-E!" (Translation: "I miss you too, and wanna get laid by you, robotically.") Just kidding about that last part]. In terms of the other characters, that robot (named M-O) that had to clean the dirty tracks left behind by WALL-E onboard the spaceship Axiom was cool...but is that cockroach immortal or something? If roaches could survive being squashed that many times in real life, we're f*cked.

WALL-E bonds with his cockroach buddy.

Fred Willard’s live-action cameo in an animated film was funny...but if the movie were to take place in real life (for some odd reason, I like bringing up real life in this journal entry), the future of humanity would be screwed as we know it (at least I didn't use the "F" word this time). Mankind’s existence depends on a bunch of fatasses (who have been living in space for 700 years) recolonizing the Earth! That's a drag. Famed Star Wars sound designer Ben Burtt did a great job on the audio for the film (and also did the voice for WALL-E and M-O). That is all.

WALL-E hitches a ride through the cosmos.

More screen shots from the film:

WALL-E Montage 1.
WALL-E Montage 2.

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