Wednesday, July 9, 2008

DAMN IT, just when I thought I’d try not to annoy all of you by posting yet another journal entry on that movie about robots in disguise, Tim Flattery had to display a bunch of kick-ass artwork that he did for last year’s Transformers. The highlight of these concepts are the illustrations he made of a transforming aircraft carrier...which was suppose to be in the first film but was dropped due to budgetary reasons. The carrier was then rumored to be in the sequel, but producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura said it was just a rumor, and that they never intended to have a giant carrier ‘bot in Transformers 2. Damn you, again! Well— There’s always the third film, right? Right?

Oh well.

TRANSFORMERS concept artwork.

TRANSFORMERS concept artwork #2.

Both images courtesy of Tim Flattery

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