Thursday, September 4, 2008


REVENGE OF THE FALLEN Update... As part of the promotional campaign to commemorate this week’s release of Transformers on Blu-Ray DVD, Wal-Mart has posted exclusive video content on its website. One video (the second one on the page, actually), shows how Industrial Light & Magic created the robots in the first film. The other video—which is the first of a series of new videos that will supposedly be posted every week—chronicles the first day of shoot for Revenge of the Fallen, which took place at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, in early June.

TOP PIC: Military troops prepare to take on an unseen Decepticon.  BOTTOM PIC: Michael Bay films an Audi R8 in action.

This video shows Michael Bay displaying the "Bayos" (as in "chaos"...since Bay likes to operate fast on the film set, and stated he's gonna be 'all up on' his crew's 'asses' to get work done on the movie) shoes that Nike made for him, producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura showing his excitement for Day 1 of the production, military soldiers on the attack (one troop is using a Gatling shown above. Pretty cool), and 3 motorbikes that will supposedly form Arcee in action! We also see an Audi R8 going through the motions on set...though we do not yet know if it’s a Decepticon or an Autobot. Though it must obviously be a 'Con if Arcee (an Autobot) is being chased by it...

TOP PIC: Michael Bay films an Arcee bike in action.  BOTTOM PIC: Glimpses of two of the Arcee bikes.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE TWO VIDEOS. The code to put at the bottom of the page is AllSpark62609. Can’t wait to see what next week’s video will show! Hopefully some behind-the-scenes footage with Megan Fox in it. Speaking of Fox, here's a sexy photo of her from her upcoming flick, How to Lose Friends & Alienate People. Totally hot.

Megan Fox in her upcoming film, HOW TO LOSE FRIENDS & ALIENATE PEOPLE.
Courtesy of The Sun

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