Sunday, January 25, 2009

HEATH LEDGER WINS SAG AWARD for Best Supporting Actor... I’m gonna give the Screen Actors Guild a partially-raised middle finger for the lingering threat of a labor strike (yes, this will affect my current job if it took place), but I’ll give them props for giving kudos to Ledger for his work playing the Clown Prince of Crime. The Dark Knight itself won a SAG award for Best Stunt Ensemble in a Motion Picture...which means absolutely nothing when discussing the Academy Awards. But it’s still cool. Speaking of the Oscars, you would think that Ledger winning yet another award for portraying Batman’s longtime arch-nemesis would essentially guarantee a lock for him to win the Academy Award. But think again. As with the case of The Dark Knight getting robbed of that fifth Best Picture slot to a film (The Reader) that got mediocre reviews [but hey(!), it focused on the it must be meaningful!], you know the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is gonna throw a curveball and hand the Best Supporting Actor to someone else. I guarantee it.

Heath Ledger won the SAG award for Best Supporting Actor on January 25, 2009, for his take on the Joker in THE DARK KNIGHT.

The Academy thinks it’s being unique and prestigious by trying to throw an upset by handing an Oscar to the least-likeliest nominee (you can obviously argue that they're simply handing a trophy to the better film or actor, but in many cases, that's a bunch of BS), but this only makes the organization look ridiculous and elitist (sorry for stating something that was mentioned by others countless of times already) in the eyes of the mainstream public. Shakespeare in Love over Saving Private Ryan, anyone? No wait— I said mainstream. That says it all, right there. Expect me to type a couple more diatribes like this in the weeks leading up to February 22.

Director Christopher Nolan and his crew look on as Christian Bale rehearses a scene for THE DARK KNIGHT on a skyscraper overlooking Hong Kong.

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