Tuesday, September 1, 2009

THE FINAL DESTINATION... I saw the movie (for free) last Saturday, and all I have to say is... Horror movies = Epic Fail. It’s not a surprise that this film was given the 3-D treatment, seeing as how there was absolutely nothing in this movie, other than this gimmick, worth watching for a second time. Hollywood needs to lay off this 3-D craze, especially for horror flicks (since some of the death scenes in The Final Destination were pretty idiotic and unrealistic due to the fact those scenes were obviously catered to the 3-D effect...an example of this being what happens to that auto mechanic in the movie. Oh pleeeaase), and just stick with showing gratuitous nudity. Just kidding. However, The Final Destination didn’t even have enough boob scenes (just one) in it. Can it suck even more? One last thing about this film: I’m pretty sure NASCAR, Formula 1 or the Indy Racing League would be shut down if a car crash as, *smirk*, horrendous as the one in The Final Destination occurred on any of its tracks. RI-DICULOUS.

Now...about that other horror flick that came out last weekend (Halloween II), is it just me but the theatrical trailer for it pretty much showed everyone who dies in the movie? Can you say... ‘Thanks for spoiling the film, a**holes?’ Not that I myself care, since I obviously don't intend on watching it. Friggin’ Rob Zombie. And Sorority Row better have lots of topless chicks in it as well, since this movie looks like yet another badly-acted piece of trash that will fail to scare.

Shantel VanSanten's character tries to save a friend, and give a cheap thrill, in THE FINAL DESTINATION.

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