Monday, October 30, 2017

Artwork of the Day #3: Pennywise and His 'Kill Teeth'...

My drawing of Pennywise with his 'kill teeth' (and Georgie's raincoat) shown.

As mentioned in this previous entry, here is a drawing of Pennywise showing his "kill teeth"...which he used to lethal effect (obviously) in the hit movie It. The Dancing Clown is also holding Georgie's raincoat (but not his paper boat) in this pic, while lurking in his hellish lair that we saw towards the end of the film. Shown below is the work-in-progress photos of this artwork as well as the illustration that's featured in the post linked to at the beginning of this entry. Happy Monday!

Work-in-progress photos of my Pennywise-with-'kill teeth' drawing.

Work-in-progress photos of my original Pennywise drawing.

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