Friday, January 1, 2021

On This Day in 2011: Remembering LITTLE FOCKERS...


Happy New Year, everyone! Just thought I'd commemorate the start of 2021 by pointing out that today marks 10 years since I watched the Ben Stiller/Robert De Niro comedy Little Fockers at my local AMC Theatres. All I can say is, Meet the Fockers was better! But one scene from the second Meet the Parents sequel that stood out was the one where one of my former co-workers at my previous job actually got to share a hospital scene with none other than the lovely Jessica Alba (who played Andi Garcia, a drug representative in the film)! Of course, my co-worker was supposed to receive an enema by Alba in this moment, which made the scene all the more hilarious.

Little Fockers is probably the first of a couple of films whose anniversaries I'll celebrate this year (I also saw the Best Picture nominee The Fighter right after Fockers on New Year's Day 2011, heh). Ironically, two of those movies are Michael Bay flicks: Pearl Harbor (which was released in 2001), and Transformers: Dark of the Moon (which opened in theaters in 2011). Not exactly Oscar contenders, but it's all good. Hope y'all have a wonderful 2021...and stay safe during this year! Carry on.

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