Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Jessica Alba as skinny little Nancy in SIN CITY.

I’m 9 days late, but on April 3rd I watched Sin City. So what did I think? It was good. In the words of one of my female co-workers who also saw the film, it was a 2-hour "wet dream" for guys, hahaha. And that’s not far from the truth... On one hand, you have extremely-gory violence—with Nick Stahl’s character (the Yellow Bastard) getting an arm and ear blown off and his crotch shot in the beginning of the film (by Bruce Willis), and him getting his tallywacker literally ripped off and his head pummeled into mushy goo by someone’s fist (again, Bruce Willis) at the end—and on the other, gratuitious nudity. And not only do you have the Kill Bill/Monty Python and the Holy Grail-like violence (there are moments when Marv, played by Mickey Rourke, is slashed by someone’s clawed fingers, gets shot numerous times, and even gets run down repeatedly by a car, and yet all he does in response is put some bandages on or gets sent to an emergency room, only to leave the emergency room and continue his quest for revenge. Borrowing a line from Monty Python...it’s "just a flesh wound"), but you have hot chicks like Jaime King and that one actress from Spy Kids (Carla Gugino) walking around topless as if that was as common as wearing pajamas when you sleep. Oh—and to add more to Sin City’s family-friendly atmosphere, you have a cannibal (played by Frodo, err Elijah Wood) who proudly hangs the heads of his previous meals (a bunch of prostitutes) along a wall. And this cannibal meets his nice little fate by getting eaten alive by a dog. Ahh, poetic justice. And the nicest girl in the film (Jessica "I look good in brown or blonde hair with blue polk-a-dots sprinkled on" Alba) is a stripper. Go figure.

Aside from the awesome violence and girls walking around topless and in a thong, Sin City also has some nice cinematography. I heard Director Robert Rodriguez did his own DP (director of photography) work... All he needed to do was make a small cameo in Sin City and he’d be a triple threat. But he didn’t, so oh well. Anyways, that’s all. I feel like watching Spy Kids now.

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