Sunday, September 9, 2007

3:10 TO YUMA... I saw the film this weekend, and all I have to say was good! Russell Crowe as captured outlaw Ben Wade kicks ass!! The last time I rooted for Crowe in a movie was as Maximus in Gladiator. Not to spoil the film or anything, but how interesting that it was he who was the actual hero (or should I say, anti-hero) in the story. Not gonna tell you why that’s the case, since I would have to ruin the ending for ya'll to do so. Christian Bale did a great job, and Ben Foster was a bad-ass as Wade's second cowboy-in-command Charlie Prince. A great villain. Again, not to give anything away, but Charlie is so ruthless that you definitely root for Wade when he and Charlie clash in the climax. I have the sudden urge to watch other Western films now, haha. Still haven’t seen Unforgiven or Tombstone... One more thing: I could’ve SWORN that that was Luke Wilson who was part of the posse overseeing the construction of that railroad... I know it's him. Rhetorical comment.

Christian Bale and Russell Crowe in 3:10 TO YUMA.

I also watched Shoot ‘Em Up this weekend. WAAAY over-the-top...unless you think it's possible to easily punch a carrot stick through a guy's throat. The only thing I understood from the story was something about bone marrow and gun control. And I'd hate to be that toddler who was being "protected" by Clive Owen and Monica Bellucci. Is it just me, but Owen might be typecast as the typical anti-hero in an eccentric action film (RE: Sin City)? Paul Giamatti was definitely over the top in this film (obviously intentional... I should compare his performance in this movie to his role in Sideways, haha)...and Ms. (Mrs?) Bellucci, sadly, isn’t being treated that kindly by age. Not to sound like a punk or anything. Or it could possibly be that her role as a hooker was surprisingly not a turn-on in this movie? She was HOT in The Matrix sequels (one of the only reasons why those films are worth watching) and Brotherhood of the Wolf. But Shoot ‘Em Up? I like the constant depiction of breast-sucking throughout the film, though. I’ll end this Blog now.

Clive Owen and Monica Bellucci in SHOOT 'EM UP.

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