Thursday, December 27, 2007

Cool artwork depicting Optimus Prime and his entourage.

SOUNDWAVE REDUX... After posting this entry about him (and his tape cassettes) being out of place in the 21st Century, I thought I’d share these cool images I found online of Soundwave and Megatron’s other right-hand man, err, Decepticon; Shockwave. A fan updated the design of the two Waves and gave them the look of the robots you see in the live-action Transformers film. These are NOT actual movie concepts. Soundwave was suppose to have been in Michael Bay’s blockbuster, but fans were unsatisfied with his initial design (Soundwave was suppose to have transformed into a helicopter...but the role of evil chopper was given to Blackout instead), and Frenzy ended up becoming the Decepticon tape player in this year’s film. Soundwave is currently the top fan favorite to show up in the sequel...whenever that gets made. Damn WGA strike.

Fan-made artwork of the Decepticons, Soundwave and Shockwave.
Courtesy of Transformers Live Action Movie Blog

Another fan-made artwork of Soundwave.
Courtesy of timshinn73

Soundwave in his original design (from the 1980's cartoon)...

Soundwave in his original design (from the 1980's cartoon).

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