Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Talia al Ghul.

MORE ON BATMAN BEGINS 3... Back in July, I wrote a Blog talking about which villains and actors would be cool to see in the next Bat flick, if Chris Nolan ever decided to do another one. I still stand by having Bane and Azrael in the second sequel, but I’ve been thinking that a third (even more important?) player should be included in the movie: Talia al Ghul.

Talia al Ghul.

Those of you who read the comics (or watched the classic Batman: The Animated Series on TV back in the early 90’s) will know that Talia is the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul...the main antagonist played by Liam Neeson in Batman Begins. As stated in the journal entry I mentioned at the beginning of this Blog, Bane would become the head of the League of Shadows after Ra’s death...and finish what Ra’s couldn’t do in the first Nolan Bat flick: Destroy Gotham City and Batman. I was pondering that it would be interesting to have Bane and Talia working in tandem as they sought the destruction of Gotham and the Dark Knight, when I found this page and noticed that there was an actual storyline between the two! Scroll down the page to read what’s under "Bane".

Talia al Ghul, with her father in the background.

Ra’s wanted Talia to marry Bane??? What a great story that could lead to for Batman Begins 3! After Ra’s dies in Batman Begins, Bane wanted to win Talia’s heart by avenging her father’s death. And Bane goes to Gotham City to do whatever he can to punish the Dark Knight for the loss of Talia’s father. And succeeds. (Of course, this is where Azrael comes along and takes over as the Caped Crusader.)

Talia al Ghul tries to break things up between her father and Batman.

As stated in my July blog, Bane would wear a gas mask instead of that, um, gimp mask that he wears in the comics. And a perfect reason for that would be that he uses tear gas filled with some kind of fear toxin to stun his victims before he (and his League of Shadows followers) attacks them. And who would be the person who supplied Bane with this fear toxin? THAT’S RIGHT: Dr. Jonathan Crane. A.k.a. the Scarecrow. I think it would actually be interesting if the bad guy played by Cillian Murphy showed up throughout all of Chris Nolan’s Bat films. Two-Face is dead. The Joker is alive...but we’ll never see him again...at least in a Nolan film (Rest In Peace, Heath). And the Scarecrow is still alive and well...but most likely back in Arkum Asylum. That is, until Talia helps Bane break him out so Crane could manufacture more fear/tear gas that Bane could use to preemptively strike his opponents. Crane can also be responsible for inventing the Venom that Bane uses to increase his body size before he does some spine-snapping. (Did I also mention Azrael would be the one to finally put the Scarecrow out of his misery? *Breaks neck*)

The Scarecrow.

And now...the most important question: Which actress should play Talia al Ghul in The Dark Knight sequel? I was thinking Megan Fox...but she is currently much too popular for the role. Lacey Chabert? She is TOTALLY gorgeous...but would seem pretty short when standing next to Christian Bale or the tall muscular dude who would most likely play Bane. Kate Beckinsale? Naw, other people online have already suggested her (too lazy to provide links...but they have). I wanna be original. So who do I have in mind, you ask? I’ll give you a hint... This Random Babe Blog was all about her:

Minka Kelly!

Minka Kelly as Talia al Ghul!

Like Maggie Gyllenhaal before The Dark Knight came out, Minka is relatively unknown...unless you watch the NBC TV show, Friday Night Lights. From the artwork I posted above, Minka would look totally suitable (and of course, gorgeous) in those attire worn by Talia. And Minka looks like she would have great chemistry with Christian Bale in terms of Talia having some kind of romance with Bruce Wayne (since Rachel Dawes is now obviously out of the picture)...despite the fact she wants him, or at least his cape-wearing alter ego, dead. And this role would probably blow Minka’s stardom through the stratosphere! Presumably. All that matters is that Ms. Kelly gives a great performance as the woman who helps Bane break Batman’s back. That’s all.

Minka Kelly as Talia al Ghul!

Oh...and one more thing: Talia lives on to see Batman Begins 4. 'Nuff said.

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