Saturday, October 10, 2020


A screenshot from my experimental short film THE CINEMATOGRAPHY PROJECT.

Happy Saturday, everyone! Just thought I'd share this experimental short that I did during film school 18 years ago! Dubbed The Cinematography Project (even though I only called it Cinematograpy Project in the film itself), this short was shot using a Super 8mm camera provided by my school's film department [I went to California State University, Long Beach (CSULB)]. I originally had to splice the film together manually using a device provided to me by the film department...but I eventually digitized my project so I could enhance it using Final Cut Pro (FCP). I used FCP to make this version widescreen, while also adding in Hans Zimmer's track from the 2001 film Black Hawk Down as the music score (this was also the track that I played on a separate audio player when I screened The Cinematography Project in my film class back in 2002). I'll post the full-screen version of The Cinematography Project in the next Blog entry.

I'm so happy to watch this film again considering the fact that I've been unable to do so for the past 18 years! The Cinematography Project, plus three other films that I did at CSULB (including the original version of The Broken Table), were on an external hard drive that I couldn't access since it was formatted for the Mac G5 computer I used to edit the films at school. With the new Apple MacBook that I received as a birthday gift last week, I was finally able to download the files from the hard drive so I can view them once more. Click on the link above to see what my future plans are in regards to using my new MacBook to resume doing filmmaking stuff! Have a great weekend.

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